Guiding Steps to Overcoming Obstacles and Issues of Life

From the Miry Clay: Guiding Steps to Overcoming Obstacles and Issues of Life

This is a real life examples, memoir and life experience on how Obstacles of life can become a testimony

We are all uniquely created to fulfill our destinies and purposes. There are no two DNA strands or fingerprints. In the same manner, you are an original, and there is no other duplicate. In your quest to fulfill your purpose, you may encounter roadblocks that challenge your faith. You may be discouraged and be tempted to throw in the towel. No two paths are identical. While some may be rocky, others may be smooth. Perhaps yours was miry or you had some challenges that seemed rigid and hard as concrete.

Whatever your path may look like, be encouraged as you read this book. From the Miry Clay is a practical guide that is equipped with real life applications, scenarios, and stories that are geared to see you through any situation you may find yourself in. Each chapter is highlighted with some prayer points that are designed to strengthen your faith and encourage you as you walk your path. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers him from them all.” (Psalms 34:19)

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Guiding Nuggets to Celebrate Womanhood, In-spite Of All Odds

The uniqueness of woman's creation, predisposes her to being seen as weak and vulnerable to all 'weathers' of life- thus making her purpose and potentials to be undermined. This book with its powerful nuggets, will empower every woman to shake off limitations and rise up to be celebrated, irrespective of her circumstances.

Woman, you are valuable, not trash to be trampled upon. You have a role that cannot be neglected or overlooked. You are a treasure that cannot be pressured to a corner.

W.O.M.A.N you are: Worthy; Optimistic; Mother; Authentic; Needed. 


The world is expecting your manifestation 

leaders' ladder WITH R.E.A.D



Proven Principles For Leadership Excellence

Leadership this days, have become so poignant to have different interpretations at constructive and destructive levels, depending on the sphere of where you are coming from. Countries are not the only focus in this book, but also organizations, both spirituals and secular. It is good to rise to a leader’s position, but it will be wiser and better to grow into becoming a leader that has potentials, someone that has some values to maintain structures and be an agent of positive change, to his people and community at large. As readers take a ride through the principles of R-E-A-D, analyzed in this book, we will not only have a fulfilling tenure of office as a great leader but also leave a footprint of profound legacy and positive impacts, that will speak among the people for a long time to come.